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Natural-Fit Wheelchair Pushrims provides a suite of handrim choices that vary in their ergonomics, coating surfaces, and functionality. There is no "best" option for everyone. Instead, you have the freedom to choose your handrim based on your preferences. Below are a list of the options for the Natural Handrims.

  • The Natural-Fit has a contoured thumb piece and an oval component that together create an optimal ergonomic grip. Size and coating options allow for better customization. Available in Natural-Fit Oval and LT Oval.
  • The Surge is an all-in-one, single component handrim with a Gription Strip, a rubber strip that goes all the way around the top surface of the oval for increased friction while leaving the side surface smooth for braking. The Gription Strip is a high friction strip that provides a gripper propulsion surface.
  • The Q-Grip is a fully-coated handrim that sets itself apart due to its unique coating surface and superior durability.