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5 Ways in Which Accessibility is Becoming Mainstream

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Read below to find out five ways in which life is becoming more accessible for wheelchair users.

1. Adaptive fashion

For many people, finding clothes that are both comfortable and stylish is not far from a simple task; however, for wheelchair users this has long been a pressing issue. For starters, non-adaptive clothing can overutilize rivets, buttons, and zippers that can be uncomfortable for those in a constant sitting position. Additionally, the cut and style of certain fabrics may have difficulty laying flat and may even become stuck on wearer’s wheelchair.

This is where adaptive clothing comes in. Although it has been around for some time, there has been an outburst in recent years, bringing visibility to theses issues that had long been ignored or pushed aside. Both high end designers like Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Adaptive collection and affordable retailers like Target’s Cat and Jack have stepped in to create clothing that is more comfortable for wheelchair users while keeping in line with the latest fashion trends.


2. Apple's new emojis

In this new era of technology and social media, emojis have become part of every-day life and now Apple has proposed 13 new characters to represent a variety of disabilities.

These include:

  • Man and woman in both mechanical and manual wheelchairs
  • Prosthetic arm
  • Prosthetic leg
  • Man and woman walking with a cane
  • Man and woman signing that they are deaf
  • Ear with a hearing aid
  • Guide dog
  • Service dog (a trained dog that helps those with hidden disabilities)

These emojis could become part of every Apple device early in 2019. They will play a large part in creating visibility for the communities they represent and help break the stigma that surrounds disabilities by portraying them in an accurate and positive manner.

3.The world's first Miss Wheelchair

In 2017, the first international Miss Wheelchair pageant took place after being inspired by the original Miss Poland Wheelchair competition. Its goal is to create opportunities in the beauty and fashion world for disabled women, allowing them to showcase their personalities and talents.


4.Wheelchair-friendly playgrounds

Today, even more spaces are becoming wheelchair accessible, with an outburst in specialized playgrounds for disabled children. These playgrounds include swings and slides that are adapted to fit and support wheelchairs. Companies like LittleTikes are partnering with various cities to create these play areas and provide children with equal opportunities for fun.

5. Online communities

The accessibility of social media has allowed people from all over the world to connect with each other on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and many others. There we can share personal experiences, tips, and news. Our online site,, prides itself in providing access to the latest innovation and instructional information. We are available to assist and educate others to the best of our ability.


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